Workspace well-being photo art by Peter Dooley


Unlock a more efficient way to restore growth in your business




The culture of the workplace is changing before our eyes, and it’s not necessarily for the better. A modest investment in health and wellbeing art for the workplace can change that. 


Employees are dealing with unprecedented levels of stress, and employers must find new ways to maintain productivity and keep moral up. The reality is that the factors that are making people anxious right now can also result in a loss of business income. 


Below are a few questions to help you determine the seriousness of the situation in your business: 


Has employee productivity taken a hit? 

Is staff morale at an all-time low? 

Are you paying more in sick leave? 

Have you noticed a rise in mental health issues amongst staff? 

Are your growth margins dwindling? 

Are you slowly losing key staff? 


If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone. I have a solution that can aid in solving these issues and get your business back on track without breaking the bank. 

The Solution to the Problem can be hung on the wall

My name is Peter Dooley, and I can help you to boost morale and show you why that should matter from a business perspective.


I am a photographer specializing in health and well-being orientated photography that delivers valuable benefits to companies and their employees. 


In difficult times it’s essential that we think differently to be able to thrive. The solution lies beyond traditional 'return on investment' thinking. 


We need to start thinking about the workplace environment and building on corporate cultures so that staff well-being and their work environment become our most valuable assets.


The secret to employee well-being may be as simple as the artwork on your walls. 

An Invaluable investment

The Benefits of Art in the Workplace Environment 


In an article published by Forbes, Victor Lipman refers to the “valuable benefits that workspace art can bring to a corporate culture” as a “Return on Environment.” 


“It's less about aesthetics and more about pride in one's environment. It shows management cares enough about the employee experience - and the customer experience - to have a thoughtfully maintained facility that people feel good about working in. Which to me is where Return on Environment starts becoming tangible.


Employees want to feel good about where they work. They want their physical location to be a source of pride.


Pride motivates. And that’s good business!"

Recruit and Maintain top Industry Talent


Your staff has an enormous influence on the success of your business.

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs agree.


Building customer relationships is a popular topic in the business world, but even that starts with employee wellbeing. 


“Everyone talks about building a relationship with your customer. I think you build one with your employees first.” 


Angela Ahrendts, Senior Vice President at Apple


“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them so they don’t want to.” 


Richard Branson, Founder Virgin Atlantic Group


These statements carry a lot of meaning, but how can this be implemented? It all begins with a healthy, great-looking workplace! 


We all know that when skilled staff leave their jobs, businesses suffer. The environment that you create within the workspace can help you recruit and maintain top industry talent. Happy employees stay with you longer and will do whatever they can to be part of your success for their own pride and job security.


It’s not only possible to create a functional environment filled with the beauty of the natural world, but it can help you attract and maintain top talent. A great return on environment, is an invaluable investment in your company’s success!


Art is the

“New Frontier”

in Health


It is well known that sight of natural elements has positive effects on health. The Visual Arts play a vital role in our well-being and The World Health Organization now agrees. 


Art has recently become recognised by the WHO as the “New Frontier” in Health, including Mental Health.


Focusing on the wellbeing and health of your staff through art is my photography specialty. I will provide you with affordable workplace art that can play a major role in achieving this.

100% Guaranteed

I am so confident that adding my nature art to your workspace environment will make a difference, that if after three months you don't see a marked improvement in your employee well-being and a positive customer experience, you can return your prints and I will give you your money back.


This 100% money back guarantee is an offer that most photographers won’t provide. 

Transform your Space

with Nature Art


Nature Art transforms an ordinary workspace into a healthy working environment and brings it back to life. What makes my art different is that it can be printed in large format for maximum impact.   


I love adding a modern look and feel to my "Nature Art". These unusual pieces enhance the first impression experience that is vital in creating a positive warm feeling in any contemporary space. I also offer classic nature art for the more conservative client.


My health and well-being photography consists of high-resolution images of nature, serene landscapes and flower studies.


Aesthetic Experience

I use bright colours and uncomplicated subject matter. The result is that it promotes a state of well-being, and delivers value far beyond its visual and aesthetic experience.


Art for work spaces must be either natural and realistic or it can be natural with a contemporary look and feel. Both have the same positive effect.


Complicated difficult-to-understand and chaotic artwork is however, counter productive. 



Don’t Just Change their Environment, Involve Them in the Process




If you are unsure what might be compatible in your location, I offer free customized mood boards that communicate your choice of artworks to reflect a particular style, theme or brand. These are designed to help you envision the work best suited to your work environment and luxury spaces. This allows you the chance to evaluate and ponder before you commit.


You may also choose an interactive collaboration board where staff are invited to become part of the selection process and align as a team on the choice of artwork that resonates with them. These boards are custom made for you and are 100% private. 


View Private Collaboration Demo board  

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Your workspace is an extension of your brand.


A bespoke and branded business interior will help

to strengthen your brand identity

and provide your team with a sense of belonging



Browse my collections online and purchase the art that you’re looking for today! 



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